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As a teenager I was fascinated by photography but couldn’t afford hardly any of it. I still remember the awe-inspiring experience of shooting my first 12 colour pictures.

Since then and a dozen cameras later, in common with many people I have several thousand photos on disk. You'll find a selection of my favourite works on Flkr and eventually I intend posting further galleries of photos that will include Iran, the Thames, sailing barge Leonard Piper, The Ardeche, and other categories yet to be discovered.


Butterfly Therapy

Photography laid a foundation for, and ran parallel with, film direction.

Four years graduate study at Sunderland College of Art and three years post graduate at the Royal College of Art projected me into becoming a TV film director.

After a few years at Granada TV and later the BBC I became a free-lance, frequently underemployed but when I did work, I made stuff that was heartfelt and socially relevant.

I have hardly any copies of the forty or so films I wrote and directed but you can see a handful here. NB all are off-air quality:

How to Be First a film about Massachusetts Institute of technology BBC 1 1965

The Healing Nightmare An Horizon bio pic about an episode in the life of Carl Jung BBC2 1972

Beaubourg, four mini-essays on the Centre National D'Art et Culture Georges Pompidou in Paris: a look at the building itself, statements from the designers, a critique by a group of English architects, and the filmmaker's own reactions to the building. The activities provided by the library and museum of the Georges Pompidou Centre are enhanced by the talents of street performers who entertain visitors on the large piazza outside the building. Arts Council 1981

Behaving Ourselves a film about human nature with Bob Young Science and Society series Central TV 1982

And I expect to be able to add:

Doctors, medical education and stress Central TV 1980

The Nuclear State Science and Society Central TV 1982

With Doctors, Behaving Ourselves and The Nuclear State for ITV the content of the films became more interesting to me than the making. My creative zizz moved in the direction of the human potential movement and humanistic psychology and becoming a practitioner, for which see psychopractice services and book and writings.

For around 25 years the real-life dramas of work with clients replaced and out-shone that of film production until, not long ago, I discovered that I could own the mean of production – recording, editing and mixing HD video on a desktop PC with cameras and lenses I already owned. A bit shakey and flakey some of these videos, but more assured with the three recent ones. See what you think.

Love Matters - Holding the Big Picture

Validity in The Psychological Therapies - Why Love Provides a Better Benchmark than Science

The psyCommons - Ordinary Wisdom and Shared Power.
(German version)

The psyCommons and its Enclosures - Professionalized Wisdom and the Abuse of Power.

Butterfly Therapy

Moving Geliefde cooperation and coordination - moving a 200 ton barge

Going, Going, Gone (in production) scrapping sailing barge 'Leonard Piper'









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