Denis Postle

I wonder what you are looking for here.

Do you have some inkling of a brighter future that seems out of reach? Perhaps some hidden history that lurks near the surface in your life is troubling you... again. Or you are struggling with some bad emotional weather.

Maybe you are looking for help.

'How do I warm this stone in my heart, or shed this rage in my belly, or find meaning in the mundane?'

Or... 'life feels OK... but...'

' do I fly? How do I flourish?'

Eternal human condition questions.

They used to be answered by religion and for some people they still are.

But not here.

At some points in our lives we could all do with help.

What kind of help and from whom?

What I offer is a combination of relationship, experience and knowledge in the form of co-inquiry.

A mix of my skills and knowhow, and your resourcefulness. You bring your agenda, I help you progress it as a life task.

How do you know if what I offer matches your needs?

You don't... unless and until we meet...

...until then some details of my background, training and accreditation will have to do. The notes below should help you find some kind of handle on whether we could at least begin to work together.









I work in Ealing, West London, easily accessible by road from the M4/A4, or via London Underground, South Ealing station on the Picadilly line, 5 minutes walk. I also work in Brussels.

Fees, conditions and availability
I charge £60 an hour and pro rata for longer sessions (for the first meeting I recommend one and a half hours, i.e. £90) Frequency of meetings is something to be mutually agreed depending on the intensity of your concerns and the state of your purse. Subject to exceptional circumstances, and 72 hours notice, I am prepared to vary dates, and cancel or postpone meetings. Otherwise I expect to be paid for booked sessions.

I prefer initial contacts to be via email, if you would prefer to phone, email me a phone number

Practitioner style
I work in an engaged way that is open to feeling, thought, intuition and action. You will be invited to reach in a variety of directions for resources or notions drawing on the psychological, political or spiritual, as we develop an inquiry into the agenda you bring. Along with sustained support there may be challenge around what happens in the sessions. The economics and effectiveness of this kind of inquiry are greatly enhanced by 'homework' activities undertaken between meetings —and I strongly encourage this.

In a world that sometimes seems overly obsessed with 'standards', the core standard I expect to contribute to our work together would be 'living from love', defined as seeking the flourishing of the Other, along with its essential accompaniment, the absence of force, coercion, or manipulation.

Practitioner competence
I believe I am competent to work with anyone who has what Richard Mowbray has called SAAFA Sufficient Accessible Adult Functional Autonomy, which is a fancy way of describing an ability to make and keep appointments, travel to and from meetings and however intermittently, participate in a conversation. I don't work with young children.

Perhaps because of my developing role as an elder, I often find myself helping clients through re-parenting and family issues around ageing, and I have long experience of working with couples.

I am reluctant to declare a specialty but if there was one, it would be helping people open up their creativity. Due to my personal and practitioner experience, a number of people with group process and corporate consultancy work find a supervision arrangement with me helpful.

I see myself as very capable of helping people find the compassion and courage to 'settle into themselves' and through this, finding or becoming a 'voice', fully inhabiting whatever level of 'presence' they dare connect with.

Several processes of self and peer accreditation, as a humanistic psychology practitioner and later a teacher of cocounselling, and facilitation, led to my being a founder participant in the Independent Practitioners Network [IPN] where for the past twenty years I have been a member of the 'Leonard Piper' full member group. Accreditation through IPN requires that the other (6) members of the group know me and my work well enough to be able to say that they 'stand by' it. In addition, this process of 'standing by' is overseen by the members of two other IPN groups. The names of the other members of my IPN group appear below, under referees:

Dispute resolution
It is my expectation and preference that any dispute that arises through us working together is resolved through discussion, explanation and if necessary, apology. If this for any reason seems impractical, then the next line of contact is the members of the IPN 'Leonard Piper group' who will arrange for an IPN 'process watcher' to monitor progress of the dispute if it is unresolved.

Names of the participants in the 'Leonard Piper IPN group' who stand by my work:
Tony Donaghy
Guy Gladstone
Richard House
Mary Hale (new member)
Lucy Scurfield

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